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Global Investment Strategy

SMART Global Investment Strategy Division reviews global macro-economic, social and other indicators in formulating long-term investment strategy across various regions/countries and asset classes. Global Investment Strategy Division has an eye for looking beyond macro-economic indicators that defines a region/country's long-term and sustainable growth profile. 

According to SMART, the factors that heavily weigh for a region/country's sustainable growth are trade policy, fiscal burden of government, government intervention in the economy, monetary policy, capital flows and foreign investment, banking and finance, wages and prices, property rights, regulation, informal market activity, human capital and its development, health care and social security. SMART's 2006 global strategy theme is based on 'Economic and Social Freedom' which is being used for Tactical Asset Allocation purposes by the Asset Management Division and is coined as 'The 4R-Factors' in investment. SMART strongly believes that the following 4R-Factors will determine a region/country's growth sustainability and will provide excess return over a long-run:-

  •      Rates- interest, inflation, sustainable growth;

  •      Reform- regulatory, financial, product and labor markets, social, infrastructure, trade and tax;

  •      Resources- human capital and its development; and 

  •      Resources- natural.

SMART is currently back-testing its own 'Economic and Social Freedom Index' based on the above-mentioned parameters. 

Should you require further information on our current global investment strategy or be on our mailing list to review our past and future strategies, kindly contact us at smartgis@smartinternationalholdings.org.



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